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  Service with a smile at The Soup Kitchen

to stafford's favourite daytime coffee and
eating house

  • Cosy rooms
  • Traditional service
  • Dedicated staff
  • The place to meet your friends

Traditional Family values

The Soup Kitchen has come a long way since it first opened three centuries ago and now we can comfortably sit over three hundred discerning guests in one of our many cosy rooms.

It is now owned and run by Duncan Sandy who heads a team of more than fifty enthusiastic full and part-time staff, some of whom have been working for Duncan for nearly twenty years.

Whether it’s a mouth-watering scone just out of the oven or a full three-course meal we can cater for your every need.

The Soup Kitchen prides itself on friendly service and everyone is welcome - there are high chairs and toys for children, daily papers for those who just want to catch up on the day’s news, WIFI for those who want to surf the net and of course good, freshly cooked, home made food.

We all hope that you will come and see us very soon!